Would Jesus be on Facebook?

Being connected through various forms of social media is becoming an important networking tool for the 21st century. Whether you Twitter, are LinkedIN or on Facebook (plus the myriad of others social networking sites that I’m continually discovering) have you ever thought of how Jesus would communicate in today’s world?

A friend posted this link on her Facebook status and it intrigued me enough to take a look. And at first I thought it was pretty lame. But upon further reading to the end of the page, I realized this was a pretty cool way to share the Good News and follow how Jesus and his “Facebook friends” might have stayed connected through Holy Week and after the Resurrection.

How many “friends” would he have? 777,777,777,777?

Would you accept an invitation to a Pentecost Party? What would you bring? Who else would you invite to join you?

The High Priests gave Judas a gift of 30 pieces of silver? Would you want to give a gift to any of the disciples?

Give it a look. Even though it may be tongue-in-cheek, this site might make an interesting ‘culture source’ for theological reflection or group study. What question might you post to Jesus on his page if he were to be YOUR friend on Facebook?

2 thoughts on “Would Jesus be on Facebook?

  1. Oh, my, no, no.. Twitter and we would know it was HIM because he would be the only one with 144,000 people following HIM. Revelationary idea, yes?


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