Planning Your VBS?

Summer is approaching and school is letting out for children across the United States. For many churches it is time to hold the annual VBS – Vacation Bible School.

Does your church hold a VBS? Do you partner with other congregations in your community? Do you design your own or use a published curriculum?  What advice would you give a church who is offering a VBS for the first time?

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1 thought on “Planning Your VBS?

  1. There are two Episcopal churches in our town. It is our tradition to take turns hosting vacation Bible school. Of course it is open to anyone in the community interested in signing up but it is great to be able to share in the planning and the actual offering of the program. For some reason vacation Bible school is often exhausting. Possibly due to the fact that most churches have just ended their year in programming — looking forward to some change in rhythm during the summer.

    Not having to do it every year makes a big difference.


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