Looking for a Bible?

What’s a good study Bible?

What’s Bible should we give our 3rd graders?

What Bible translation is most accurate?

When should we use a paraphrase?

These are just a few questions that are always popping up when it comes to using a Bible. There are a multitude of translations out there and there will soon be a brand, spanking new translation called the Common English Bible that has been in the works for several years with some reputable biblical scholars. And you can get a free copy of the New Testament before it comes out. Sweet!

I’m not the expert on choosing a Bible. But I do know the difference between them all and what I personally prefer to use in my own study and reading (NRSV with comparison using The Message and the NIV). Check out my overview of some of today’s more popular translations. And Gretchen Wolff Pritchard offers a great article on Choosing a Children’s Bible.

For adult study, I prefer these NRSV editions (with equal opportunity links):

What’s your preference? For yourself? For teens? For children?

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Bible?

  1. Have you seen this Bible, Sharon?http://www.wtlbiblepublications.com/index.php
    It’s a completely new translation – but instead of following the two column format, the narrative of the Bible is a single column (like an ordinary book) – so you can skip to the next bit of the narrative easily (making it ideal for any child who decides they want to start at the beginning & read all the way through!).
    BEAUTIFUL illustrations as well. The link is to the UK site, but it is an American publisher.


  2. These are the bibles I prefer for teaching Sunday School and home use.
    3 & 4 year olds – Read Aloud Bible Stories, Ella K. Lindvall Vol. 1,2, 3, & 4 (The simplicity of the stories and the large vibrant illustrations are wonderful)
    4 years old – 1st grade – The Beginner’s Bible.
    4th grade and up – Children’s Illustrated Bible, DK publishing


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