The Summer Book List

What are you reading this summer?

The dog days of summer were always my favorite times to build up a stack of books that I could work through while sitting on the beach or lounging on my deck. Usually something from the NY Times best-sellers list was included, the latest Sue Grafton alphabet mystery (always a quick, fun read) or some historical fiction (my favorite genre).

Since I took my vacation in May, I did my beach reading then. Those ‘take me away’ books seem so far away from me now. I’m finding that I’m reading ‘professional’ books these hot summer nights – ones I have been asked to review or ones I really felt I’d be missing out on if I let another season pass by.

  • The Case for God by Karen Armstrong (another excellent Armstrong book, but space yourself with a fun one in between chapters).
  • The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Harry Potter by John Killinger (I had to read this one to write a review. If you’re a Potter fan and want to know all the signs of Harry as a Christ-like figure, you’ll like this. Didn’t impress me much with anything new.)
  • Conversations with Scripture: Acts of the Apostles by Chuck Roberston (I wrote the study guide – book is due out this fall)
  • Informed by Faith: A Spiritual Handbook for Christian Educators and Parents by Mark Bozzuti-Jones (A re-read as I am leading a retreat in North Carolina in August and the Diocese of North Carolina has commended this book to all their Christian educators.)

Sitting on my nightstand now is Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit by Krista Tippett (I participated in the writing of session plans for a new curriculum based on her radio program, Speaking of Faith for Small Groups to come out this August from Morehouse Education Resources, so have gotten into the whole science and religion thing).

All year ’round I get questions from Christian educators about what my ‘top ten’ books are for those in formation ministries. The list is ever-changing and always growing. So . . . I’ve decided to add a tab on this blog to provide a listing of my recommended resources. Check it out and come back often as I’ll be adding as I discover new resources and continually post new bibliographies.

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.

A good companion is always a good book!

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