Planning for 2014-2015

calendarIt’s not too soon in our congregations to being mapping out the events, activities, and lesson plans for the coming academic year (2014-2015). Most school systems already have next year’s calendar of holidays and vacations out, so it’s the perfect opportunity to do that program planning now that you know when everyone (who is able) heads to the hills for Spring Break or decides to take a hiatus (intentionally) from church on a three-day weekend.

For the past ten or so years I’ve put together a planning calendar focused on the Sunday lectionary readings, along with the season of the year and any event that may be occurring during the week (President’s Day) or that Sunday (baptisms).

Each year I published this (in pdf form since that was the only way to embed it in my now dormant “Living IN-Formation” newsletter, I would be inundated with e-mails from folks asking for it in a Word document so that it could be tweaked and customized on a computer instead of filled in by hand. I’ve heard you!

So – here is the Education Planning Calendar for 2014 (June) – 2015 (August)! (updated on May 15 with corrections)

And don’t forget – now is the perfect time to evaluate this past year and review your curriculum choices, renewals, or search for August/September’s new start! You’ll find all your helps in Building Faith’s Resource Room!

3 thoughts on “Planning for 2014-2015

  1. Thank you for your excellent work, Sharon. There are a few minor citation typo-s on your calendar and one major one that I can find. The calendar does not have April 12, 2015 on it. Oops! My whole staff will be using your calendar and I so appreciate you having it in a pdf and in word. On the word doc I add another column for “special” and then our music dept, worship commission and Christian formation all work from the same calendar and there is a column for everyone. Great resource! Thank you, Martha

    The Rev. Martha Rogers
    Christ Episcopal Church
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa


    1. Thanks, Martha! I’ve added April 12 (oops is right!) and fixed all the lections since that added 7 Easter to the list. Both updated versions are now located here and the original (flawed) ones are down. Sharon


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