2017 Curriculum Overview Charts

Every spring I update the curriculum overview charts that I’ve been doing for about fifteen years now. Not a whole lot has changed in the below charts (for children or youth) but I have noticed a few changes:

  • Most years price increases were typically 50¢ per leader guide, student booklet, or resource pack. In my checking for updates on what have become the “staples” on the list, I saw increases of $1.00 or even more. It is either getting much more expensive to publish curriculum (probably) and/or publishers are needing to increase prices to keep the “bottom line” stable with fewer people purchasing a range of products. (Just my personal observation.)
  • Almost all leader guides to curriculum are available as a download and those costs are often the same as the print.
  • There were fewer “new” curricular programs making a debut in the past year.

In looking at and using the below updated charts, I steer you back to some of my previous postings on choosing curriculum and processes for evaluating and planning educational programming:

  • About the charts – a post from October 2014.
  • It’s Planning Season – a post from April 2015 that gives a process for evaluating your program year as well as how to choose a new curriculum
  • And The Survey Says . . . – a post from October 2016 that shows what curricula churches are currently using

Lastly – if you are a publisher (denominationally or independently), I do my best to include a wide range of materials within reason. I can’t list every single age level or program within a program on my charts. My attempts are to share those materials that are in keeping with the needs and requests of mainline denominational users.

2017 Curriculum Chart for Children

2017 Curriculum Chart for Youth Formation

And before you ask – yes, the Planning Calendar for June 2017 thru June 2018 will soon be available. Stay tuned and sign up to receive a notice every time something is posted here!

5 thoughts on “2017 Curriculum Overview Charts

  1. Thank you! I have been involved in Children’s ministry, in the Roman Catholic tradition, for 30 years. I became an Episcopalian 4 years ago, in Nashville. (Becca Stevens was my pastor)

    I moved to MI to take a position in my new faith tradition in August. You have been so helpful to me.

    The rector here wants me to use a new curriculum called The Path. Have you heard of it?

    Have you published the CHRISTIAN EDUCATION PALLNING CALENDAR FOR 2016-2017 yet? That too was very helpful to me.

    Enjoy the Easter season!

    Suzanne Di Piazza

    Christ Church Grosse Pointe, MI


    1. Hi Suzanne,

      Planning Calendar for 2017-2018 should be up on this site next week, God willing. The only “Path” Curriculum I have heard of is one for elementary schools that deals with behavior and aggression. I have a feeling that is not what you are referring to. Who is the publisher and I can check it out. Perhaps you mean “A Joyful Path” which is from Progressive Christianity. You can find it on page 7 of the children’s chart.


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