Program Year Countdown Resources

I can always tell when mid-August hits. The peepers are loud outside my windows at night and in the morning my in-box is full of queries: How do I access my curriculum subscription? Do you have a teacher commissioning service? I can’t find your planning calendar. What do you recommend for first communion instruction (with the caveat – “I know, but the parents were raised Catholic.”). The same questions appear year after year and I’ve tried to curate many of those answers within this site.

So here are some links (or documents) in one place to help finalize all those last-minute details as you prepare (or have already begun) to start your Christian education program year.

Lastly, many questions that are often asked can be found in The Episcopal Christian Educator’s Handbook. Just look at the Table of Contents’ pages and you can see how much information (practical and tongue-in-cheek) you can have within reach 24-7-365.

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Still can’t find what you’re looking for? You know how to reach me – so just send along an e-mail and I’ll return your message within 24 hours. Or you can always put a query in the search engine here.

2 thoughts on “Program Year Countdown Resources

  1. Love the planning calendar, but do you have it available with the short name behind the lesson? I wanted to use for my volunteers but thought it may be easier if I have short titles for example “Ruth and Naomi” vs. Bible chapter and verse.


    1. Hi Megan! Sorry no – all of these readings are taken directly from the lectionary. There is a column for adding your own content (like events) that you could use to put them in. If you need a quick way to find out what the lessons are about for each Sunday, I recommend The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education, which gives a summary of each lesson for the whole 3-year lectionary cycle. Thanks for asking, Sharon


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