Podcasts: Speaking on Faith

For many, earbuds are becoming an extension of our physical body. Whether we are on a Zoom call, exercising to music at the gym, or watching a video while traveling, technology offers us multiple ways to engage in learning as well as spiritual practices. I haven’t been an easy adopter to the practice of listening to podcasts or audio-books; as a visual learner my mind wanders when my eyes aren’t involved or hands aren’t doing something.

Since public entertainment arenas (sports, movies, theatre) are being curtailed and in-person worship services are being moved to online platforms, podcasts may be a new mode of engagement and learning for adults of several generations. Below are some that you may find helpful to add your personal spiritual practices for learning new things and strengthening your faith.

Most can be subscribed to through Soundcloud, iTunes, or Stitcher to make sure you never miss an episode. Simply put the title in the search engine on their site. And some have websites that you can access content through without having to go elsewhere.

For Prayer

A Morning at the Office: A Podcast for Daily Morning Prayer from The Book of Common Prayer 1979 from Forward Movement

The Examen with Father James Martin, SJ. The examen is an ancient prayer practice that enables you to find God in your daily life. This podcast is based on a technique that St. Ignatius Loyola outlined in the “Spiritual Exercises,” his classic manual for prayer. Each week Fr. Martin will provide you with a new reflection and guide you through the examen prayer.

“Talk” Shows

The Irreverends is a weekly podcast by Gini Gerbasi and Tim Watt of St. John’s Episcopal Church, Georgetown (Washington, DC). They explore the Bible readings for the upcoming Sunday, along with a spiritual exercise and a dash of snark. The Irreverends take God seriously, but not themselves. 

Popping Collars is hosted by Greg Knight, Liz Easton and Betsy Gonzalez, priests who “interrogate the world around them through the lens of faith.” This podcast focuses on books and movies, finding the theological connections within them.

The Way of Love with Bishop Michael Curry now has two seasons under its belt with hosts Kyle Oliver and Sandy Millien talk about the Way of Love and the practices of Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest as well as examples of how these are being lived out in the world – outside the doors of our churches.

2Fab (Two Feminists Annotate The Bible) is a feminist blog for Bible enthusiasts. Hosts Jordan and Luci bring their deep faiths and a feminist eye to the stories of God and God’s people. They began annotating the Bible, chapter by chapter, week by week in 2016.  Now they’re talking saints as they dive into the history of early church mothers (and a few fathers) and reflect on how Christians of the past continue to inform our faith today.

All Things Rite and Musical is a podcast about liturgy and music from an Episcopal/Anglican perspective. Just how the hosts describe themselves make it worth checking out: David Sinden is a layperson in the Episcopal Church. His specialty is playing mechanical action organs of Episcopal churches in states that border Kentucky, which he has done consistently since 2006. He also waves his arms in front of choirs and other groupings of musicians. Ian Lasch is a priest in the Episcopal Church. He particularly enjoys preaching and teaching, as well as playing with his two sons. Prior to seminary, he worked as an Arabic translator, which made Biblical Hebrew seem like cheating.

On Being with Krista Tippett (once called “Speaking of Faith”) may be the podcast that started it all with excellent interviews with faith leaders from all over the world talking faith, science, technology, etc. “Conversations on the big questions of meaning.”

Priest Pulse, hosted by Benjamin Gildas and Colin Chapman, explores relevant issues in the Episcopal Church and around the world with prayer, humor, and thoughtfulness. They speak with authors, individuals involved in a variety of Episcopal church ministries, and current events.

From All Points is a monthly podcast from the Episcopal Cafe that shines a light on the lived life of faith for individuals and the church. Featuring: Jon White, Jennifer Brandlon, Charles Wilson, and Amy Haynie. The episodes are posted on the first Sunday of each month. 

The Subversive Undercroft is a weekly exploration of the message of Jesus and its meaning for our lives in the here and now from two priests looking for the life thriving just under the surface of the church. Access to the podcast, including music and the reading can also be accessed on their website.

The Collect Call is a podcast that unpacks and reflects upon the meaning of the collect of the week – that prayer at the start of the service that changes every week. Hosts: Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale and Holli Powell.

Keep Listening with David Crabtree focuses on democracy and faith. Crabtree is an Episcopalian and on faculty at Duke Divinity School. His guests speak frankly on topics that can be difficult to discuss: religion, racism, politics, society. Understanding another person’s experience reminds us how much we have in common. Connection can happen when we all keep listening.

And there are plenty more I’m sure. Sharon your favorite podcasts below. Happy listening!

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