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While planning confirmation programs may be at the bottom of your “to do” list, I’ve been compiling resources for a project and one of them was to update my confirmation curriculum chart. Here are two resources you may find helpful when it comes time to discern what resources you may wish to tap into for the upcoming program year as well as a list of links to some great resources to use with whatever you choose to do online or in person.

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An updated (September 2020) Confirmation Curriculum Overview Chart follows the same pattern as my other curriculum charts. This one lists the publisher (and author and date published if known), its purpose and content in a nutshell, a link to the product website, format, age level, and costs. This is an ecumenical chart covering most Protestant denominations. It should be noted that “confirmation” denotes different things to each denomination; for most it is an affirmation what one believes according to a specific faith tradition. Thus, theology and doctrine (including the interpretation of scripture) and views on the sacraments, liturgical practice, and church polity (governance) can be radically different. When choosing program material for a confirmation class, whether it be youth or adult, please bear in mind how compatible the materials are to your faith tradition and adapt as necessary.

An annotated list (with links) to EPISCOPAL Curricular Resources for Preparing Candidates for Confirmation, Reaffirmation, or Reception.

Other online resources I’ve found useful in “doing” confirmation via Zoom with youth:

  • The Bible Project for video overviews of various books of the Bible, how the Bible came to be, and other Bible information.
  • The Discovery Series was produced by the Diocese of Texas years ago. There are participant and facilitator guides for downloading. Once an expensive resource, it is now totally free and online. A Spanish version is also available.
  • How2charist is an instructed Eucharist with subtitles that explains vocabulary as well as the “what and why” of what occurs during a Rite II liturgy. A discussion guide is also available for download. Carrie Swanlund of Philadelphia is its creator.
  • Creating Your Stepping Stones is a short video created by Jenifer Gamber for Education for Ministry groups in understanding how to prepare their spiritual autobiography. It is a great tool to help your confirmands map out how their beliefs may have changed as they have gotten older and understand that faith is a never ending journey.

Header photo by Eran Menashri on Unsplash

1 thought on “Confirmation Resources

  1. Hello Sharon ~ I LOVE this “Stepping Stones” video and am sharing with our grandchildren. I think it’s appropriate for many reasons, including the new school year just starting … or soon to start … in such new ways. And I’m interested in checking out for myself how the the books of the bible are presented through the It’s always good to have different input to stimulate ones spiritual journey. THANK you, as always! Cathy


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