writingpenI enjoy writing, both personally and professionally. Having articles and books published offers me an opportunity to share my thoughts as well as my experiences and research with others, hopefully supporting the reader in his or her own ministries while also contributing something that will help make a difference in the Church and beyond.

Personal reflections (such as within this website) are about life in general, while my books and articles tend to be related to Christianity, and in my case, particularly the Episcopal Church and formation ministries. I am always humbled to hear a book I have compiled or written has been of assistance to someone and when I am invited to contribute to a journal, book, or magazine.

Books are available via Amazon and other online booksellers, via the publisher (in my case Church Publishing), and Episcopal bookstores. You can locate one closest to you through the Episcopal Booksellers Association. And don’t forget to check out my Amazon author page and leave a review on any of the books noted below. Thanks in advance!

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  • Treasure Kids Magazine! The U.N. Rights of the Child (Episcopal Church, 2003)
  • Study / Discussion Guides for the Conversations with Scripture Series, Will Our Children Have Faith? 3rd edition by John Westerhoff, and many others.
  • The Power of Youth Leader’s Guide (Morehouse Education Resources, 2012).

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