Environmental Resources

As the Gulf oil-spill crisis surpasses 85 days, Church Publishing Incorporated (CPI) has launched two new faith formation programs, one focused on appreciating and living in harmony with God’s creation, and one that connects the growing Christian environmental concern with the theology of creation found in Genesis.

Faith and Nature: The Divine Adventure of Life on Earth by Phyllis Strupp is an intergenerational program using the approaches of scripture, tradition, reason, experience – and fun! Learners explore how God is at work in nature in a way that prepares them to bring hope and faithful action to today’s ecological concerns. The program can be customized for group and individual needs: from one to eight sessions, 40 to 60 minutes each, any time of year. The leader is a guide rather than a teacher – no special knowledge or background required. As a downloadable curriculum, extensive links and further activities and resources are within the program, making this a resource that can be used in a variety of ways and settings.

Designed for high school through adult groups, To Serve and Guard the Earth: God’s Creation Story and Our Environmental Concern by Beth Borjarski ot only provides participants with a greater understanding of the scriptural accounts of creation and the environmental problems facing us today, but also encourages us to make practical applications to change our everyday lives and enhance important environmental values. Each of the six sessions includes leader, participant and extra components, all of which are part of the downloaded resource. The introduction offers an environmental theology for today’s world and a Christian response to our environmental crisis. Beginning with Scripture and a historical perspective of how faith leaders have connected the stories of creation with humankind’s responsibility to care for it, Bojarski provides a curriculum that is biblically and theologically sound for leader-led learning or self-exploration in sessions that can last from 1 to 1 ½ hours but are flexible to any group or setting.

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