We who are many are one body, for we all share in the one bread. (Enriching Our Worship)

The Holy Eucharist (also known as Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, and the Mass) is a central event in liturgical churches. All five senses is engaged in communion, and it is the most interactive part of worship. Eucharist means “thanksgiving” and is a memorial meal in which we share the presence of Christ among us, through his body and blood (bread and wine) which was given for us.

Resources for Teaching About Eucharist

Bailey, Julia R. Huttar and Ernesto R. Medina. Awake My Soul: A Liturgical Resource for use with Children and Adults (Episcopal Church Center, 2000) A collection of stories, litanies and prayers as well as designs for the full inclusion of all in the community of faith. (Episcopal Parish Services #56-0010 at 800-903-5544) Also downloadable.

Barron, Helen. Come to the Table (Candle Press, 1997) A booklet for parents to learn and explore how to worship as a family with their small children.

Barron, Helen. Me Too! (Candle Press, 2001) A book for children (with a companion book for parents) that follows the service of Holy Communion in simple terms, inviting the child to draw responses. The booklet for parents offers suggestions for how they can engage their child in worship during the liturgy.

Barron, Helen. What are we Doing? (Candle Press, 1999) A tiny booklet that can serve as a companion piece for adults unfamiliar with the rhythm and pattern of the Holy Eucharist service in an Episcopal Church. An excellent tool for discovering why we do what we do during worship.

Bays, Patricia. The Eucharist (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 2001) A packet of reproducible worksheets and activity cards to be used in the classroom or learning center for children and families. ISBN 1-55126-330-0

Berryman, Jerome. The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Volume 4 (New York: Church Publishing, 2018) Several lessons from this volume of Godly Play offer means to explore the Eucharist more fully: The Good Shepherd and World Communion, Circle of the Holy Eucharist, and Symbols of the Holy Eucharist.

Bock, Susan K. Liturgy for the Whole Church: Multigenerational Resources for Worship (New York: Church Publishing, 2008) A collection of group readings and simple dramas based on stories from scripture, together with meditations, story telling methodology, and an instructed Eucharist, helps church leaders design liturgy for children and adults who worship together. ISBN 978-0-89869-602-8-86902

Caldwell, Elizabeth Francis. Come Unto Me: Rethinking the Sacraments for Children (Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, 1996) Addresses the realities of congregational and familial practices of the sacraments of baptism and Eucharist. Models are provided for intentional liturgical and educational transformation, offering suggestions for the integration of education and worship in the lives of all church members. ISBN 0-8298-11199-2

Children in the Eucharist (Episcopal Church Center, 1990) A series of reflection papers, guidelines for including children in the worshiping community and aids for further exploration of children and the Eucharist following the General Convention 1988 resolution that affirms that all baptized persons, regardless of age, are children of God, and as such need the benefits of the Holy Eucharist. (Episcopal Parish Services #56-9010 800-903-5544) Also downloadable.

Ely, Beth Wickenberg. A Manual for Lay Eucharistic Ministers in the Episcopal Church (Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Group, 1991) A guide for those who bring Holy Communion to the homebound and those who assist at the altar during the Holy Eucharist. ISBN 0-8192-1573-2

Fairless, Caroline. Children at Worship: Congregations in Bloom (New York: Church Publishing, 2000) How a parish can incorporate its children into full participation with the worshipping community using creative ideas. ISBN 0-89869-326-8  A website also has more ideas.

Fogle, Jeanne S. Signs of God’s Love: Baptism and Communion (Louisville: Geneva Press, 1984) A soft cover picture book that explains the symbols and meaning of Baptism and Eucharist. ISBN 0-664-24636-2

Galley, Howard E. The Ceremonies of the Eucharist: A Guide to Celebration (Boston: Cowley Publications, 1989) This is an excellent guide for using The Book of Common Prayer and provides historical and liturgical perspectives on the actions of both officiants and congregation. ISBN 0-9936384-83-2

Garrison, Eileen. A Eucharistic Manual for Children, Rite 1 & 2: Including Baptism (Harrisbury, PA: Morehouse, 1984) Help young children understand and participate in the prayers, hymns, and responses of the Eucharist. Includes a step-by-step outline with illustrations suitable for coloring. (Ages 3-7 years) ISBN 978-0-8192-1343-3-EUMACH

Haskel, Marilyn L. and Clayton L. Morris. As We Gather to Pray: An Episcopal Guide to Worship (New York: Church Publishing, 1996) A selection of articles regarding the many aspects of worship such as: welcoming children, designing worship bulletins, using symbols, planning and evaluating worship. ISBN 0-899869-222-9

Holy Communion for Children: Rite II (Forward Movement, 1992) A booklet intended for children to share in and more fully understand the experience of Holy Communion. Ideas and feelings are communicated with simple drawings with the text of the liturgy, including the Celebrant’s and congregation’s responses. Appropriate for pew use as well as an educational tool.  800-543-1813

Horton, Sarah. A Child’s Guide to the Holy Eucharist: Rite I and Rite II (Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 1999) This guide to the Rite II Eucharist Service presents the full text of the Service from the Book of Common Prayer alongside commentary and cartoons that clarify the meaning of the words. Appropriate for pew use as well as an educational tool. ISBN 0-8192-1802-2

Kitch, Anne E. What We Do in Church: An Anglican Child’s Activity Book (Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 2004) An activity book of puzzles, pictures, word finds and more for children ages 4-7 that helps them learn about the elements of worshiping in an Episcopal Church. ISBN 0-8192-2105-8

Liturgy as Formation (New York: Episcopal Church Center, 2003) A collection of reflections, articles and liturgies from “Will Our Faith Have Children?” Episcopal Parish Services 800-903-5544 or selected articles are downloadable.

Lou, Sue, Jean Floyd Love, Mickey Meyers, Sylvia Washer. Get Ready! Get Set! Worship! (Louisville: Geneva Press, 1999) Ideas and activities with worksheets, games, songs, crafts and recipes for engaging parents and children in understanding worship and the sacraments. ISBN 0-664-50006-4

Meyers, Ruth. Children at the Table: A Collection of Essays on Children and the Eucharist (New York: Church Publishing, 1995) A collection of essays that addresses the subject of children and the Eucharist from three perspectives: historical, theological and pastoral. ISBN 0-89869-199-0

Muir, John and Betty Pedley. Come and Join the Celebration (London: Church House Publishing, 2001) A resource book to help adults and children experience Holy Communion together provides activities related to the order of worship to use in church with 2-6 year olds, resource sheets for 7-11 year olds and additional ideas for exploring the meaning of the Eucharist. ISBN 0-7151-4947-4

Murrie, Diana. My Communion Book: A child’s guide to Holy Communion (London: Church House Publishing, 2002) A picture book to help children engage with the service of Holy Communion in ways that are appropriate to them using words and pictures in a very colorful, engaging format. ISBN 0-7151-4946-6

Ng, David and Virginia Thomas. Children in the Worshipping Community (Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1981) A resource-filled book that reviews child development, practical suggestions, strategies and programs for how parishes can include children in corporate worship. ISBN 0-8042-1688-6

Pritchard, Gretchen Wolff. Alleluia! Amen: The Sunday Paper’s Communion Book for Children: A Guide to the Holy Eucharist, Rite II (New Haven: The Sunday Paper, 1984) 80 pages long, this booklet follows the Holy Eucharist Rite II in bold, cartoon style pictures with the people’s responses from The Book of Common Prayer as well as most of the celebrant’s words. Appropriate for pew use as well as an educational tool. ISBN 0-9614022-0-2

Ramshaw, Gail and Judy Jarrett. Every Day and Sunday, Too (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress, 1996) A picture book that explores the actions of daily life and Sunday worship, making side-by-side connections that make all of life holy. ISBN 0-8066-2334-9

Ramshaw, Gail and Judy Jarrett. Sunday Morning (Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 1993) A picture book filled with wonderfully complex illustrations combined with explanation of worship elements. IBSN 1-5684-081-7

Turrell, Jennie. Let Us Pray: A Kid’s Guide to the Holy Eucharist (Morehouse, 2014). A little book with wonderful illustrations for ages 2-8 that they can use to follow along with the liturgy. ISBN 9-78081-922-9830

Urquhart, Aileen. My Holy Communion Book: Scottish Liturgy (Redemptorist Publications, 2001.) A “color and wipe off” book for children of the order of worship for Holy Communion. ISBN 0-85231-273-3

Webber, Christopher. Welcome to Sunday: An Introduction to Worship in the Episcopal Church (Harrisburg, PA: Morehouse Publishing, 2002) A short introduction to the Episcopal Church’s Sunday service that helps one understand what is happening during Sunday Eucharist. ISBN 0-8192-1915-0

Wetmore, Andrew and David Crean. Lift Up Your Hearts! Exploring the Eucharist (Leader Resources, 2001) An adult program designed to help participants develop a deeper understanding of the Eucharist. It includes an Instructed Eucharist, a guide through the Eucharistic service and an exploration of how to live faith in daily life. Can be used in 21 sessions or individually.

Wile, Mary Lee. This Bread & This Cup: Episcopal Communion Instruction for Children (Denver: Living the Good News, 2005).  The Leader’s Guide provides a brief history of children at the Eucharist, current theological perspectives and practices as well as activities, prayers and scripture stories to use with children and their families. A Child’s Book is also available for the individual child.

What every Episcopalian should know About the Sacrament of The Holy Eucharist (South Deerfield, MA: Channing L. Bete, Co., 1984) A Scriptographic booklet that overviews the history, meaning and practice of the Holy Eucharist in the Episcopal Church.  #PS17889

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