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A Blessing

A Blessing

As the Junior Warden (soon-to-be Senior Warden this January) in my home congregation, the topic of stewardship comes up all the time – especially now that it is budget preparing season and our pledge campaign is still underway. When I received this blog post from Bishop Greg Rickel, Diocese of Olympia (western Washington state), his words immediately resonated with me as something I needed to share with others.

Here’s a taste . . .

On this Thanksgiving I relay two interesting conversations, and then something I want you to know. My first conversation is actually one that I have had in many different ways, with many different people. It goes something like this, and the answer can come from someone that gives nothing, to the one who gives a lot to other things in the world, but not so much to the church, and the questions eventually comes up, why they don’t give more? The answer is, basically, I am never sure where the money goes, I don’t have any control over it, and if one is really bold enough to say it, words that eventually amount to, the use of the money seems so frivolous, reckless maybe.

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