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Keeping Faith at Home with Children

There are a variety of reasons why families are often unable to attend church: sports, travel, illness, school related activities, and so much more. Often our communities have been affected by natural disasters: hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or snow storms. These are usually isolated areas of our country depending on the circumstance. However, March 2020 (and most likely longer), communities across the United States (and world-wide) are living with a new reality of many houses of worship cancelling in-person services to protect the health of all.

It has been no surprise to me that Christian formation folks have been at the forefront in sharing resources and ideas for supporting households who are staying at home. Many ideas that have been shared are not new, but are coming to light as the need has arisen for so many. New collaborations are forming to determine new ways to use social media and virtual gatherings for worship, prayer, Bible study, and simply being present with one another as a faith community. With large thanks to Forma and my colleague Mary Hawes’ (Church of England) Growing For Growth, below is a curated list (which will be updated regularly – so you may want to bookmark this) of ways to help parents, children, and youth focus on the reality that God is with us – no matter what.

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A Day in the E.R.

Post-Emergency-RoomIt began like most Mondays . . . thinking about the projects that awaited me at my desk, posting my weekly lectionary reflection on my Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education page, triaging what the rest of the week’s work would look like. But then, triage became a reality.

As many of you know, I’ve spent my fair share in Norwalk Hospital‘s Emergency Room over the past 3+ years. My mom, Trinette, has now been in a nursing home for 2 years with late-stage Alzheimer’s disease. So, I get regularly called to rendezvous with her at the E.R. when she has a fall. My dad, Cliff, now 89+, has been in an assisted living facility for 1.5+ years. And he’s had his moments, too. One day this past January I had the “honor” of having them both in the E.R. at the same time. So today began with a call from a nurse where he lives to tell me he fell during the night and was experiencing some pain. Another Monday at the E.R. Continue reading A Day in the E.R.