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fogDarkness of motion
searches for the ticket-free berth
amidst the fog and flashing red lights.

Covered stilettos,
masked faces,
steam rising from a pulled cap
stare to the sandy concrete
straight ahead

The digital light from fingertips
startle to the call of frenzied movement,
only to end up pressed against a wooly
mass of flesh pushing its way into unwelcome space.

Compressed search for dignity,
attempting to occupy another space and time.

Until the moment of fresh air and freedom
of escape
into a teeming sea of humanity
with destinations in mind.

Not sight,
Body, not Spirit
Known, but not known.

Cessation of intake until the tossed cigarette is behind,
stench carried the opposite way

snatches of clear blue
piercing through the steel and glass

Absorbed by the glass
to a sky of florescent

settling in
fingers at the ready
as eyes peruse the screen,
the page, the day.

Wondering if the blue or fog will appear
before the darkness
on the journey back.

Sleepless in Suburbia

Another night of staring at the ceiling
the television button illuminating the room to show the shadows and heaps of laundry waiting to be folded
silent peepers not helping,
as the hum of speeding late night drivers on the parkway filters through the woods

The sheet is wrinkled
The pillow is damp
My legs twitch and itch
as a heat rash begins as air bubbles churn through my empty stomach

I should have made a list.
What did I forget? What do I want to forget?
You can do it. Don’t think.

Concentrate on breathing
In and out
What phone calls need to be made tomorrow?
How am I going to make all these deadlines?
There is no balance. All is out of whack.
Control is an illusion.
Did I put the casserole I made in the freezer
or is it rotting on the kitchen counter?
Why did I say, “Yes”?
Things done and left undone
Let it be.

In and out
Throw off the blanket.
Maybe a drink
Maybe some Tylenol
Now hives. Time for the Zyrtek

Creaking down the hall touching each floorboard that is not tacked tight
The glow of the dishwasher ‘done’ light illuminates the kitchen.
Water drunk. Drugs taken.
Make a list? Triage tomorrow?
Instead, sit in front of the glow of Cities and Knights
One game, two

Don’t bump into the luggage in the hall
Toe joints crack
Same wrinkled sheets
Lay back
A steady pattern of breathing from the next pillow
Lay still
Things done and left undone
Let it be.